Strong values

Commitment to health

As an international firm active in the healthcare sector, JUVISE Pharmaceuticals is committed to protecting and promoting the value of medical products with great therapeutic potential for the well-being of patients worldwide. JUVISE has also decided to get involved in Africa, by registering most of the company’s specialty pharmaceutical products there, to serve the most underprivileged patients. JUVISE works on a daily basis with high-quality manufacturing units and distribution organisations. These have accreditation from the ANSM or local health authorities and are committed to making the products constantly available.


JUVISE Pharmaceuticals carries out its business in compliance with EU and other international regulations, with complete transparency and integrity.                  


Having contracted many agreements with large pharmaceutical groups, JUVISE is seen by the partner organisations as a safe and credible pharmaceutical company. Transactions are realized in accordance with previously agreed lead times, establishing a climate of trust with all the partner organisations.


JUVISE espouses long-term loyalty. Accordingly, it has therefore been working with the same partner organisations – customers, suppliers and financial institutions – for more than 10 years.